Stan Wiersma (1996) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Amsterdam, NL who focusses on combining sound, moving image, light and technology.

In his art practice, he explores the borders of human experience by connecting the dots between the virtual and physical. In the contemporary world, online content is available for everyone at any time. It forms a collective mind which can be consulted instantly, augmenting our interpretation of the environment. This collective mind allows us to escape to the purest form of nature; the divine dimension found in the violence of the elements, in the mountains and in the deep blue sky.

By experimenting with realtime data, generative programming, network-based communication engines, three dimensional audio, found footage and computer generated graphics, he tries to relocate virtual space to immerse in a hyper-real world which is hardly known by personal experience.

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For questions, collaborations or requests, you can reach me through info@stanwiersma.com, call me through +31 6 40116406 or follow me on Instagram


2016 -2020: HKU Utrecht – Image and Technology

2017 – 2020: Stan Wiersma – Freelancer
2018 – 2020: Daisy Daisy – Band Member
2018 – 2020: Cultfarm – VJ
2018 – 2020: Stranded FM – Host & Radioshow
2018 – 2019: OOST – Internship
2014 – 2018: The Daily Indie – Videoteam

Interactive Installations, Analog Visuals, VHS Video, Music Videos, Live Streaming, Live Music, Light Technician, Stagehand, Promotional Videos, Computer Generated Graphics


Daisy Daisy
Donker Tapes


Club Cohesie
No Art Amsterdam
HKU Feesten
Switch Festival
Watdajel Festival


We Are Labels
MOAM Amsterdam
Kid de Blits / Top Notch
The Daily Indie
NNT Groningen
Het Houten Huis
Groninger Forum
Studio Plakband