Daisy Daisy, Ongoing Project

Live shows, music releases and live videos


Music video on VHS for 'First Tray' by Real Farmer
Camera, light installation, edit, gaffer

Donker Tapes, Ongoing Project

Radio shows, club nights and other music and video projects

Cloudmatch v1, 2020

Visual Projection for Club Cohesie on February 14th
TouchDesigner, This Person Does Not Exist

Environment Scanner, 2019

Visual Research for graduation project
TouchDesigner, image samples

Paradice 51 Renders, 2019

3D Renders for merch by Steef Offerhaus
Blender, MakeHuman

Supernature, 2018

Introduction of the 'Supernature' concept
Infrared video, edit, directed by Stanley

The Stars Awaken, 2018

Visuals for OOST Clubnight with Legowelt
VDMX, image of a dolphin, video synthesis

Marianentrog patrol, 2018

Lighting for 'Marianentrog Patrol' by Animistic Beliefs
Underwater music video

GHOOST Promo, 2018

Promotional campaign for OOST
VDMX, free green screen footage, iPhone

Harry Potter, 2017

Edit for performance by Victor Crepsley
Edit, camera, sound design

Deilkslov, 2017

Edit for performance by Victor Crepsley
Karaoke subs, 3d render, edit


Found footage YouTube edit
YouTube video, Slit Scan

L:E, 2016

Video Sculpture with Remco Groot
Drill, GoPro, lighting